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There are 3 common groups of acne sufferers. The first group consists of common teenage acne that clears up after a few years. The second group concerns those who would experience severe and stubborn inflamed acne, and warrant more aggressive treatment to eradicate the problem. The third group is the adult-onset acne who experiences acne outbreak for the first time as an adult.

Acne eruptions do come and go, but unfortunately some are left with acne scars and marks that may be permanent if left untreated. And it is impossible to predict which patient will scar. Therefore acne problem is not a trivial matter and should be treated early and thoroughly.

Is there any anything I can do about my acne?

Yes! You can clear acne! You can prevent acne scar formation! However there is no single one-size-fits-all acne treatment formula. Our Crystal Clear Facetherapy  Program is specially designed to treat your acne problem and tailored accordingly to your needs.

The Crystal Clear Facetherapy use latest technology in Laser Face Purifying. The strong 1450nm laser from the laser acne treatment instrument immediately applies to sebaceous glands without damaging other tissues, protecting sebum and acne comprehensively. It is a professional treatment instrument for acne by the simplest and most effective way without extrusion.


  • Clearance
  • Control to prevent or minimize future relapse
  • Correction raised acne scars and depressed acne scars.
  • Disinfecting, anti-inflammatory & healing effect
  • Regulates & control and sebaceous glands that is prominent in acne-prone skin
  • De-stress, relaxes, soothes & has calming effect on the skin
  • Has anti-bacteria effect
Deep Cleansing 74%
Skin Repair 85%
Treat Acne & Scars 96%

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