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Sensitive-Control Soothing 산소의

Sensitive-Control Soothing is one of the famous face treatment recommended by superstars like Ko So-young, and more and more Singapore beauty professionals are now offering this treatment. It is a special-purpose medical active oxygen instrument for beauty and the care before and after medical grade procedure. The use of pure oxygen allows the basal layer of skin to absorb ample oxygen to enhance skin vitality, resist aging to improve immunity, and promote the generation of collagen. It can regulate the balance of skin’s PH value, and has bactericidal effect on the anaerobic bacteria and other induced acne bacteria in the skin to help maintain the skin’s clean effect, and make the skin healthier


  • Opens pores and can help detoxify the skin
  • Energize and revitalise (dull) skin
  • Improve the skin glow
  • Moisterizing effect for a younger skin
  • Lighten the skin
Moisturizing 78%
Skin Radiant 72%
Sensitive Heal 93%

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