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The appearance of puffy eyes, wrinkes and dark circles can be improved by a variety of ways, which includes prescription medical grade products, Oxy-Hydro Eyetherapy treatments, Ultatherapy Eye treatment and Brightening Eye treatment. Our specialists at the IOne Aesthetics will make a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the skin around your eyes to determine the best medical treatment that will address the problem.

This non-invasive procedure is known to be safe and effective, where the Ultraformer machine utilises ultrasound technology. Bypassing the skin’s surface at the optimum depth and temperature, the ultrasound energy does not cause damage and triggers the skin into producing fresh collagen. This helps the skin to regain its elasticity, reducing eye bags and under eye flaws.

You may notice a visible improvement after the treatment, but more progressive and distinct results will appear over the following months. This time period is needed for the collagen to take effect – tightening your skin to reduce dark circles and eye bags.


  • Improves blood circulation for the eyes
  • Reduces of fine lines around the eyes
  • Smoothens wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduces eye bags

Oxy-Hydro Eyetherapy treatments

Using Oxy machine with nanotechnology to promote immure and hydrates in eye area, this treatment uses an ampoule and spraying it in a mist on the eye feeling the effect of whitening, moisturizing, and skin rejuvenation.

  • Prevent aging signs around the eyes
  • Activates Cell Renewal
  • Minimizes Lines
  • Protects from premature aging
  • Boost hydration around the eyes
Eye Rejuvenation 93%
Dark Eye Circle 86%
Puffy Eye 76%

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