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What Cause Stubborn Fat

  1. Fat cells act as storage system to provide body with energy.

  2. Excess calories increase the number of fat cells in your body.

  3. Estrogen and cortisol levels increase when you’re overweight and that triggers a hormonal response that tells your body to store more fat.

  4. And then it can become a vicious cycle that your cell are programmed to store more fat.

Fat Burn 93%
Weight Management 86%
Firming 72%

Over 2000+ Success Stories

How It Works?

1.Burning fat (lipolysis) is the process of breaking down of fat lipids. This happened naturally in our body. However, decrease in metabolism, lack of physical exercise and hormone change may cause excess fats cell accumulated and turned into stubborn fats.

2.Fat Cavitation Therapy uses focused ultrasonic waves (Up to 80000 Hz) to vibrate and break down stubborn fat cells into smaller digestible molecule or liquid form.

3.Once the fat cells have liquefied, they’re eliminated thru body’s natural elimination processes.

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