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Post Natal Slimming Program 슬리밍

Why gain weight after pregnancy?

  1. When women pregnant, the placenta produces a hormone, called hCG which controls the metabolism, energy and nutrition distribution.

  2. The hCG redirect all energy and nutrition -> to your baby first and what’s left over goes to you.

  3. hCG will send out impulse to keep you in mind to eat more & store enough energy for your baby.

  4. After placenta is removed and the hCG is gone, excess carbohydrates, lipids and cholesterol turn into fat cell.

Body Shaping 83%
Slimming 86%
Firming 87%

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How It Works?

1.Hormone change during pregnancy affects metabolism, behaviour, immune system, and digestion rate. This cause excess fat cell accumulated and difficult to break down completely.

2.Post Natal slimming program start with detoxification which generates sweating and opens the pores to eliminate fatty tissues. It helps to withdraw water retentions from body, remove and extracts harmful toxins from your body.  We will then use Fat Cavitation Therapy with focused ultrasonic waves to break down stubborn fat cells and speed up metabolism rate.

3.Lastly, a unique toning technology that targets specific muscle groups is then applied to shape and tone your body with healthy, fit and sexy curves.

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