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Menopause Slimming Program 슬리밍

Why Does Menopause Make it so Hard to Lose Weight?

  1. Hormone Change

  2. Inadequate sleep

  3. Increased insulin resistance

  4. Decrease in metabolism rate:

Aging slow down metabolism and affect overall cell function including lipolysis, causing accumulation of fat cell and turn into stubborn fat.

Recommended for:

  • Women in menopause who are looking for a specific and effective slimming product;

  • Women in menopause with localized fat in various parts of the body;

  • Women who are approaching menopause

Fat Reduction 84%
Slimming 76%
Weight Management 92%

Over 500+ Satisfied Customers

How It Works?

1.Menopause slimming program specially targeted common menopause problem like cellulite, stubborn fat and accumulated toxins to help you maintain a good figure.

2.We use Fat Cavitation Therapy with focused ultrasonic waves (Up to 80000 Hz) to break down stubborn fat cells and remove thru natural elimination process.

3.Bi-polar RF energy is then applied to stimulate collagen production as well as improve blood circulation and facilitate waste drainage in affected areas, to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4.Combination of two leading technology effectively remove stubborn fat and cellulite which help in regain your healthy and confidence.

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